Historiart is a collective of artists and heritage professionals that are passionate about storytelling and elevating the visitor experience at cultural institutions.

Historiart Studio was created to collaborate with all types of cultural institutions to create bespoke products, unique experiences, and trendy interpretive tools.

Contact us at studio@historiart.com if you would like to learn more about what we can do for your institution.


Collaborating with Museum Stores

Custom Products for Cultural Institutions

A well-curated gift shop is an essential part of a memorable visitor experience. We can collaborate with cultural institutions to create a wide range of bespoke products that would be exclusive to their shop.

To get access to our wholesale portal, visit historiart.com/pages/wholesalers


Collaborations with Institutions

Interpretive Displays

Our artists can create vibrant interpretive displays by combining factual information with innovative designs. Furthermore, the art we create for the display can be sold in the institution's gift shop.

Historiart Experiences

The interpretive qualities of our art prints allow us to curate experiences such as exhibitions, gallery shows and pop-up events with our partner institutions.

The benefits of our experiences include development at a fraction of the cost of traditional exhibits, an additional source of revenue, and displayable in smaller exhibition spaces.


Temporary exhibitions curated by us that feature our art prints, didactic panels and other typical exhibit design elements.

Gallery Shows

Our gallery shows can be centered on a particular historical theme with artwork from many artists, or they can feature the work of one artist interpreting many historical topics in their style.


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