Historiart creates products and curates experiences that feature history, heritage, tradition, and culture.

  • Let’s Make History Together

    When you collaborate with Historiart you gain an engaged partner with a comprehensive understanding of interpretation, heritage institutions, their visitors, and how to engage them.

    The results of our collaboration will be unique to your institution and will align with your mission. 

    To learn more about how we can help your institution contact us at inquiries@historiart.com.

  • Mementos

    Every product we create will meet our high standards of excellence—it will be meticulously researched, tastefully designed, and expertly produced.

    While we can make a range of products, our art prints are the cornerstone of the Historiart concept.

  • Storytelling

    Art prints are not only good mementos, they can also be used as tools for interpretation.

    This allows our partners to design art that can be incorporated into existing exhibits and used as visual aids for interpreters and docents.

    The very same art can then be sold to visitors in the institution’s store, allowing the visitor to take a piece of their experience with them and better connecting your store with your experience.

  • Experiences

    The interpretive qualities of our art prints allow us to curate experiences such as exhibitions, gallery shows and pop-up events with our partner institutions.

    The benefits of our experiences include development at a fraction of the cost of traditional exhibits, an additional source of revenue, and displayable in smaller exhibition spaces.


Heritage Sites + Landmarks
Zoos + Aquariums
Heritage Organizations



    Temporary exhibitions curated by us that feature our art prints, didactic panels and other typical exhibit design elements.

    Contact us at inquiries@historiart.com if you're interested in collaborating with us.


    Our gallery shows can be centered on a particular historical theme with artwork from many artists, or they can feature the work of one artist interpreting many historical topics in their style.


    Due to the replicability and transportability of our art prints, Historiart can host pop-up shows during museum events and exhibition openings.


    Historiart can collaborate with our partner institutions to create unique guided and audio tours.

Let's Make History Together